Management programs:

We offer the ideal solution in order to become owner and our partner in charter management.
Wave1 offers you the chance to fund your purchase with the income from your boat rental!

We care of your investment, it’s a producer good for our business.

By protecting your investment, we can satisfy our customers with the perfect boat.

What we offer:

  • Guaranteed fixed return according to the contract
  • We take charge of risk management
  • We take charge of running costs


At the end of the program we return the boat ready for sailing, along with close to the original equipment.

Nautitech is a leading manufacturer in cruising catamarans.

Choose the model, the boat name, the term of the contract and the period of use you’re looking for.

Management program duration goes from 2 and a half to 6 and a half years. Chosing the latter you can save up to 70% off the boat purchase price.


Overview of management programs


Wave1 is a shipowner that allows you third party rental. In this case, the company reimburses the owner, relieving any current expenses (excluding insurance costs) and it undertakes to pay agreed incomes with quarterly installments.

Boats can be leased or purchased in cash.

During the course of the management program, the owner is entitled to use the boat for a restricted number of weeks. Navigation area can vary between the following bases: Nettuno, Salerno, Tropea, Olbia, Cagliari.

Usage area will depend on where the boat will be based in the chosen period. Wave1 will take charge of operational expenditure fo entry in to service during management period: owner shall not pay either mooring or routine maintenance costs.

The flexibility of the program allows to lenghten the duration thereof, or to consider a greater use of the boat, following the agreement of the two parties and recalculation of revenues.

At the end of the managing program we will provide your boat and free services, in case you wish to exchange or sell the boat.